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Artist: Jay-Z ft Alicia Keys
Album: The Blueprint 3
Track: Empire State Of Mind
Plays: 3,143

 valekita whispered: thanks thanks thanks if you know someone else who is minhyuk o jungshin biased ask them for help :)

I don’t know, but I’ll publish this so if anyone that is can see !

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140415 Yinyuetai V-Chart Awards | cr: 音悅V榜


an anon ask me to do a post like this valekita(.)tumblr(.)com/post/82020995000 for the others cnblue members but since I’m yonghwa biased my mind is sold out of ideas, so if you have one name for a song to the tracklist send me a message please :)


Lee Jonghynu:

  1. i live to eat
  2. do not approach
  3. female human make me feel hard
  4. tears of a busan man
  5. burning guitar freak
  6. pork soup everyday
  7. Abcdefg
  8. ode to woobin-hyung
  9. my concept is a dumb
  10. dimples from heaven
  11. tighter song
  12. i can’t dance
  13. gold judo medal swangin
  14. shape of my B